Linda Herald is the owner and entire staff of Handiwork School of Sewing.  Her educational background includes Northville High School, Eastern Michigan University and Ball State University, studying the art and skill of sewing and teaching at each place.  She is licensed to teach in public schools by the state of Michigan.

In her words:
I have been a sewing student since age 13 and found  ways to express my creativity and have many wonderful experiences using my sewing ability throughout my life.  I want to share with others the fun and satisfaction that comes from making things with your own hands.  I enjoy the entire process of guiding my students as they learn about fabrics, color, texture, design, patterns and instructions, use of the sewing machine and other tools, and how to turn an idea into an actual project.  I am especially pleased to be part of their success when they complete what they set out to accomplish.  Learning to sew is great for kids and adults and I will make it fun!